Thanks to ABC for capturing this great story and sharing it with the world. As the results of high-stakes tests begin to roll into school districts determined to meet the ever-increasing requirements of AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) in all subgroups, it is important to remember that each group is made up of individuals who, when truly loved and cared for, will excel.

When I think of the Marshmallow Challenge as a metaphor for student success, this example is one that exceeds those masterful structures designed by architects and engineers. The love and investment of family, friends, teachers, and peers, combined with intensive learning and a personal belief in oneself, reinforced the structure that contributed to the remarkable elevation that Eric has attained thus far. Never give up! Never make or except excuses.

There is no ceiling. There is no box. There is no subgroup.

Thank you, Eric, and all who have supported your efforts in these first chapters of your remarkable life. You have already changed this world! The best is yet to come.