I didn’t know him well, but I was in awe of his energy and creativity. His students loved him. Their parents loved him. And a world of educators loved him. It is a true blessing to see how many lives were touched by his own. Stories of former students flying across the country to attend his funeral are now posted (as was the coverage of thousands standing in line – hopping up and down to stay warm outside as the snow fell – waiting to attend his visitation). I didn’t know him well, but I am in awe of how great a teacher he was, and will remain.

In his life and in his passing, Chris Tully reminds us of how important is each moment, each person, each interaction. Most of all, he shows us the impact one can have if he cares enough to recognize the talents of each learner he encounters. In turn, he allows the learner to teach him (the teacher) from his own talents and passion.

If there was one more day, what would you do? What would you say? In what activity would you choose to invest your time? Would you open the doors of opportunity to those who would never have had a chance? Don’t wait for tomorrow, today is their day.
You made a big dent in the universe Chris Tully! Well done! Well done!